Perimeter Fencing

 The system comprises of

  • Local Alarm Unit
  • Dual Channel Two Zone HV & LV Energizer.
  • Lighting system.
  • Fencing system.
  • Associated Cables set.

The hole system is battery operated. Battery Chargers are provided with the system. One such system cover sone kilometer of perimeter with two zones.

  • Dual Channel 2 –Zone Energizer.
  • Effective Non –Lethal Deterrent.
  • Impulse energy limited to
  • Power saving Mode of Operation.
  • Lightning diverters.
  • Interference suppression.
  • Detects cuts, loops and shocks.
  • Detects climbing attempts by shorting of wires.
  • IP 65 package of energizer.
  • IP 54 package of enclosure box (Power Pack).
  • Inbuilt latch unlatch operation.

 Special Features

  • Power Saving Mode.
  • Remote setting of High Voltage ( from Central Monitoring Software).
  • Lightning protection.
  • Interference suppression.System Housing Suitable for mounting outdoor and is weather proof.
  • Mounted on pre - grounded base for easy removal and installation.

Impulse output


7 KV < V < 12KV peak. With out load

7 KV < V < 10KVWith load of 500 ohm

Impulse Energy

3 Joules < I.E < 7 joules across 500 ohm impedance.

Pulse duration

> 220u sec.

Pulse repetition Perimeter

1 per 2.2 sec approx.


1000 mtrs.


2 zones of 500 meter with 6HV+4LV

4LVSpecial Features


Environmental Conditions

Operating Temperature

-30°C to +50°C



Zone wise


Zone wise


Zone wise


Zone wise

HT Voltage

a) OFF

b) 2KV

c) 4 KV

d) 8 KVSelected by pressing SET HV button in cyclic order.

Status Display

a) Main Communication Fail

b) CMS off

c) Power Off

d) Battery Low

e) Door Open



100 V AC to 300 V AC

Charging Current

4 Ampere

Charging Time

12 Hrs. for 80% discharged battery.





2 Zones of 250 mtrs each. With 16 lines(HV+LV)

Super Tensioner


Provided at every 125 mtrs x No. of Lines


As requiredHV Splitter tube:1 for each zone

Loop Sensor

5 for each zone


Two Types

a)End oval insulators at every 125 mtrs x 6.

b)Intermediate insulators at every 3 mtrs.

c)Voltage rating better than 10 KV.

d) Intermediate Insulators breaks at 15-40 kg force todetect climbing intruder.


Insulator Mounting Bracket

Suitable for Mounting on picket at one end and insulators

HV Line

1.8 mm to 2mm Dia: GI wire Conforming IS specification

Lightning Diverter


Consists of few turns of HV wire and Lightning diverter and grounding wire.

Ear thing Rod

10mm dia. Copper coated M.S. Rod with Termination arrangement for ear thing.


Data Cable

2-core, 2 Sq mm stranded copper Conductor with GI armoring 200 mtrs.

HV Cable

Single – core, Single strand 1.2 mm GI conductor, PVC insulation to withstand 12 KV.

Lighting Cable

2 – Core, 1 Sq. mm stranded copper Conductor PVC Cables.


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