Visual/ Infrared Thermal Imaging for Blast Furnace


STV4700E infrared ray imaging industrial video system on roof of blast furnace is a specialized device to monitor working conditions inside blast furnace. Observe the air flow distribution, material distribution and operation of chute transmitting inside the blast furnace. The supporting software conducts real-time measurement of the surface of material inside the blast furnace, generating temperature curves and storing the graphic data automatically. It has positive impacts on the safety and efficiency of the blast furnace operation.

  • Unique automatic blowing sweep and automatic protection of flashboard valve.
  • The application of imaging infrared antireflection makes clearer graphs.
  • Convenient on-line maintenance.         
  • Ultra-low-temperature imaging: clear imaging at 100 ℃, when furnace temperature is lower than proper one, pseudo-color software can be used o observe.                      
  • Powerful software analysis function: real-time display of temperature at every point on material surface; automatic measurement of the height of material; automatic storage of images and temperature curve.





Furnace inside





Inlet pressure

0.4~0.7 MPa

Pipe diameter



1.0 M³/min

Power supply

Voltage and frequency

230VAC, 50Hz


< 500 W


  • Real-time monitoring of the burden surface and air flow distribution
  • Real-time monitoring the motion of swing-chute inside furnace
  • Real-time monitor furnace-inside burden surface temperature distribution, automatically measuring the burden surface temperature, and automatically generate the temperature profile
  • Real-time automatic storing of the video image

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