Flameout Self-protecting System


STV5400 “Loss of flame” protecting system integrates flame monitoring, Loss of flame protection and video storage, widely applied to metallurgical, petrochemical, cement, glass and power industries. Specifically, it continuously observes boilers and drying oven intelligently, obtaining real-time burning conditions inside the furnace. With the supporting software, multiple flame injection points can be monitored at the same time. The length of flame can be measured automatically and the signal feedback will be generated according to flame intensity, hence Loss of flame protection is accomplished.
This product plays a crucial role in safety and energy saving during production.

  • Intelligent video monitoring: Video image analysis software can not only analyze data of video image, check flame length automatically, alarm automatically when flame is out and also output feedback signal.
  • Automatic protection: When supply of cooling gas or cooling water is abnormal or the temperature inside probe exceeds the pre-fixed one, the probe will withdraw automatically from the furnace, to achieve automatic protection.
  • Excellent protective properties: Shutter is provided on the viewing port. In the condition that temperature of cooling gas or the temperature inside probe exceeds the pre-fixed one and the probe withdraws, the shutter closes automatically to prevent damage of lens.




Temperature inside furnace


Temperature outside furnace


Requirement of air feed

Pressure of compressed-air intake

0.4-0.5 MPa

Temperature of compressed-air intake


Flow of compressed-air

≥1 M³/min

Requirements of water supply

Pressure at intake of cooling water

0.25-0.4 MPa

Temperature at intake


Power Supply

Voltage and frequency

110/220VAC, 50/60Hz


<500 W


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