Blast-Furnace Tuyere TV System


STV4800 Industrial video system on tuyere of blast furnace is a specialized monitor device installed at the tuyer of blast furnace. It provides real-time observation of the pulverized coal distribution and burning condition at the tuyer of blast furnace, as well as temperature distribution in the hearth of blast furnace. These operation data plays a crucial role in the safe production of blast furnace.

  • Intelligent detection makes system alarm and output feedback signal automatically when defaults happen.
  • Accurate positioning, quick assembling and facilitate maintenance.
  • The system can measure the temperature in the hearth of the blast furnace automatically and generate real-time temperature curves.
  • The optical distribution technique is applied to monitor on-site and in the control room at the same time.



Heat-resistant temperature

Furnace inside



Pressure at nitrogen intake

0.50~0.8 MPa

Temperature at nitrogen intake


Flux of nitrogen

0.2 M³/min

Power supply




  • Real-time monitor the working conditions of tuyere area, and automatically give out the alarm signals when the coal-blowing pipe blocking, and tuyere pipe movement happen.
  • Real-time measure the working temperature of tuyere area, and automatically generate the temperature profile.
  • Simultaneously monitor the working conditions of several tuyeres, zoom in any image for observation.
  • Real-time automatically store the video image.
  • Inspect and record the temperature variation trend of single tuyere area, to judge the cooling trend or heating trend.

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