Blast Furnace Infrared Thermal-Imager


STV4900 blast furnace infrared thermograph monitor system is specialized in monitoring the working condition inside the blast furnace. It helps operators to identify the distribution of air flow and materials inside the blast furnace as well as the condition of chute transmitting. The system measures the surface of material inside the blast furnace in a much more accurate way, and is an ideal replacement of crossed test temperature′s system.

  • Advanced protecting technology, windows automatic cleaning function, high quality images and the online maintenance is available.
  • Proper structure of the protection technique guarantees a stable performance of the system.
  • Measuring surface temperature of materials instead of "Cross temperature measurement" device, accuracy of
  • Temperature distribution of material surface, isotherm and temperature can be displayed on the monitor through software.Temperature measurement is up to ± 2%.
  • Automatic self-protection is activated under overheating, gas and water stopping, and other abnormal conditions.






Furnace inside





Inlet pressure

0.4~0.7 MPa

Pipe diameter



1.0 M³/min

Power supply

Voltage and frequency

220VAC, 50Hz


1000 W


  • Monitor the burden surface and air flow distribution with fully real-time image
  • Real-time monitor the motion of swing-chute inside furnace
  • Precisely monitor furnace-inside burden surface temperature distribution, automatically measure the burden surface temperature, realize the 640X480 temperature measurement with ±3°C precision, and automatically generate the temperature profile
  • Real-time automatically store the video image

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