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The Impactline Flowmeter (inferential type) was first put on the world market by US in 1968 as the impact type flowmeter for powder and bulk solids. Since it has been applied to virtually all kinds of industrial processes in the chemical, cement, mining, ore refining, Iron & Steel, food processing, medical drug, water treatment, refuse treatment, environmental pollution prevention and other industries.

Today, the Impactline Flowmeter is supported by a global sales network, and sound setups are presently being established in all parts of the world for its sale and after-delivery service.

All kind of powder and bulk solids measurable:Proven performances involve the handling of various kinds of materials including carbon black, fine ceramics, slaked lime, coal and limestone.

  • Highly Economical: Available cheaper than positive type flowmeter, requires less installation space, in addition to being maintenance-free.
  • Ideal for automatic control of flow rates: The time constant is much smaller (about 0.4 sec) compared with the positive type flow meters, Impactline flowmeter is instantaneous type and measures continuously. Target value follow-up and disturbance correction operations are performed rapidly.
  • Total-enclosed Construction: Powders and bulk solids flow naturally along the flow guide, so dust generation is prevented, also enable shielding from the atmosphere and purging of inert gases.
  • Intrinsically safe & Explosion proof construction: Impactline flowmeter uses a transformer and receiver with intrinsically safe & explosion proof construction.
  • Optimum sanitary construction: The parts passing powder and bulk solids are almost entirely free of parts collecting these substances, also can be washed.
  • Constant feeding with minimal pulsating flow: This is due to excellent constant feeding. The effect is most conspicuous when using a vibrating feeder or special ball valve in the control unit.
  • The flow guide for powder and bulk solids passage is of non-enclosed construction: Powder & bulk solids can be flowed down freely inside the flow guide even when fitting or detaching the transmitter or in case of any inadvertent trouble.
  • Applicable in high pressure process: Impact-lines have been installed in processes of max. 40 kg/cm2 pressure.
  • Great handling ease: As compared with the positive type flow-meters, Impactline flowmeter is handled most easily It has been progressed further by merit of successive improvements based on our experience of almost 30 years.
  • Accuracy maintained with stability: Since the horizontal component of the impact force generated on the sensing plate is sensed, there is no zero point shifting even with powder adhesion on the sensing plate, which is the extremely distinct advantage over the positive type flow-meters. Also, the flow stabilizer that stabilizes the flow of powder & bulk solids falling free from the feeder represents one of our improvements extending over a period of almost 30 years. When working with conditions of poor free-falling, a transmitter is available for securing the accuracy. The process accuracy will be 0.2 ~ 3%.
  • Changing the characteristics of powder & bulk solids will not influence the accuracy: Since Impactline is based on the inferential principle, in general, a change in characteristics of powder & bulk solids will bring about a change in the flow rate coefficient and lower the accuracy. For that is also possible to use impact Hi, which enables automatically to compensate the change of the coefficient and to prevent any adverse influence to the accuracy and features a higher level of accuracy (0.5~1%).







Range of Measurement

0-50 kg/h
0-200 t/h

0-500 kg/h
0-30 t/h

0-300 kg/h
0-10,000 t/h

25-120 t/h
450-2,000 t/h

0-50 kg/h
0-100 kg/h

Sensing Plate

Standard type, lining type, exchange type, hammering type and rotary type, air slide type is applicable to ILE-37

Standard type, lining type & exchange type

Standard type, lining type, exchange type, hammering type and rotary type

Standard type and Exchange type

Standard type and lining type

Flow guide and flow stabilizer

Standard type and special type

Standard type

Standard type and special type

Standard type

Standard type and special type








Applicable to very wide range, Totally-enclosed

Low height of naturally falling, Totally-enclosed

Applicable to very wide range, Air purging is necessary

Applicable to rather wide range, Totally-enclosed

Low flow rate, Air purging is necessary












Selection of Model




ILC-37R-1 (With built-in Model ADT-42A receiver

2-Core shielded cable 4~20mA 500m max.

RP-3, E-100


Flow rate (analog)



ILC-37-1 (without Model ADT-42A receiver

8-Core shielded cable 100m max.

IFM-41-A, GPC-S148E, AFI-5


Flow Rate (digital)



Integration (digital)

On/Off Pulse Alarms On, Off


Model ILO-25, Model ILE-25

8-core shielded cable and 2-core CVVS cable 100m max.

IFM-41-B, GPC-S148F


Flow rate (digital)



Integration (digital)


Set Value of flow rate (digital)


Model ILO-30 Model ILE Model ILH

8-core shielded cable 100m max.

IFM-41-A, GPC-S148E, AFI-5


Control output


Batch feeding




Model ILS

6-Core shielded cable 100m Max.

IFM-41-C, GPC-S112B, LC-245


Flow rate (analog)

4~20mA into linearizer etc.



Flow Rate 4~20mA

The Impactline Flowmeter essentially consists of the transmitter and the receiver. Please select the receiver matched to your measuring needs from the accompanying table:

1) The type with built-in regulator for automatic flow rate control.

2) The type having functions of batch feeding.

3) The type designed with intrinsically safe and explosion-proof construction.

Incidentally, the receiver is usable in environment having:

1) A maximum temperature of 45°C

2) A minimum temperature of -5°C

When using it in environments other than these, the adoption of some suitable cooling or heating measure will be necessary.

The Materials which are measurable are as given below:


Raw materials of plastics/ P.V.C./Cement/Cocoa/Raw materials of fertilizer/Slaked lime/Calcium carbonate/. Carbon black/Gypsum/Flour/Cellulose/iron powder/Sodium sulfate/Manganese ore/ Alumina/ Iron ore/ Pigment/ Oxide of lead/ Dry sludge/ Tin/ Sludge burned/ Activated clay/ Flavor/ Vitamin/ Milk/ Fluorite/ Ferro silicon/ Iron oxide/ Concentrate of copper/ Potassium cyanide/ Agricultural medicine/ Ferrite/ Corn-starch/ Soda ash/ Nickel laterite/ Kiln dust/ Kiln feed/ Return powder in crushing processes of cement/ Fly ash/ Pulverized coal / Oil cokes/ Bentonite/ Many kinds of chemical products/ Zinc powder/ Fine ceramics


Many kinds of plastic pellets/ Many kinds of fertiIizers/ Wheat/ Unpolished rice/ Polished rice/ Cokes/ Apatite/ Many kinds of cereals /Animal feed/ Soyameal/ Corn/ Sand/ Sugar/ Glassgrain/ Potato/ Feed/ Steelchip/ Abrasives/ Sulphur/ Raw sugar/ Rubberchip/ Salt/ Barley malt/ Soda ash/ Carbon/ Molding sand / Slug/ Activated carbon


Asbestos fiber/ Cut leaf and stem of tobacco/ Chocolate crumb/ Wooden chip/ Bruised soya/ Carbon flake/ Corn flake/ Bran flake/ Rock wool/ Gun cotton/ Activated carbon/ Glass wool


Synthetic rubber/ Magnesia limestone/ Limestone/ Lime/ Clinker/ Bauxite/ Coal/ Glass/ Magnesia ore/ Cokes/ Gluten/ Raw materials of cement/ Quick Iime/ Raw materials of abrasives/ many kinds of ore/ Ice clot.


Slurry of concentrate of copper/ Clay slurry/ Ready mixed concrete/ chemical intermediate


Many kinds of chemical liquid / Liquid of caustic soda/ crystalline liquid /Aluminum-sulphate.


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