Microwave Flow Switch


Microwave Flow Switch, applying the principle of Doppler Effect, is a flow detection sensor for bulk solid/powder applicable to various application like flow monitoring of pneumatic feeding line, plugged chute detecton, etc... High performance in flow and plugged detection for dry powder. Hardly influenced by adhesion or dust because of high permeability microwave system. Self-diagnosis function automatically detecting decrease of sensitivity. Digital circuit system preventing set value from drifting. Withstanding pressure ability up to -980MPa~+980MPa internal- pressure in pipe.

  • Hardly influensced by adhesion or dust because of microwave system
  • Self-diagnosis function automatically detecting functional depression
  • Withstanding pressure ability up to ±980kPa internal-pressure in pipe
  • The operational indication can be checked at a view without opening cover
  • Free voltage (AC90-230V) strong against power fluctuation and disturbance noise
  • Easily detachable without disconnecting



Power Source

AC90~230V, 50/60Hz

Detecting Principle

Flow detection by microwave system applying Doppler effect

Detecting Range

Max. 1.5m (depending on size, speed and reflectivity of target object)


24GHz band

Oscillation Power


Output (for control)

1C Output AC250V 3A


Detection: ON at solid flow detection

ON DELAY: ON after the setting time

OFF DELAY: OFF after the setting time

Fault Alarm (self-diagnosis)

1C output AC250V 3A


Diagnosis and outputs drop of the transmitted microwave

At power off, the contact will be reset


0.1~10sec (Adjustable) (both ON DELAY and OFF DELAY)

Power Consumption

Max. 5.5W

Allowable temp


Allowable  Pressure



G1 screw (incl. lock-nut and packing)



Coating Color

Munsell 7.5GY6/10


Approx. 2.0kg


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