Speed Switch RevMonitor


"RevMonitor" is the Speed Switch can automatically record the current revolution speed by simply pressing the MOD button.
If the speed drops 5-10% from the recorded speed, "RevMonitor"will output an alarm signal.
"RevMonitor" is applicable for a wide variety of application such as the detection of adnomal revolition of transfer conveyor of food production line,kneading machine, mixer etc.and chain breakage of bucket conveyor.
Easy installation and no complicated setting required.

  • No adjustment required

No adjustment required because  the RevMonitor automatically records the current revolution speed of the machine shaft as a benchmark

  • Safe monitoring

After setting the transducer to the normal speed, the actual speed of the machinary can be monitored remotely

  • Low maintenance

No need to worry about wear and tear caused by friction, because the speed is monitored without direct contact machines

Detectable speed range

2.0 to 36,000 rpm

Detection accuracy

±1% of benchmark speed or 0.5 rpm, whichever is larger

Max. detectable distance

10mm/ 14mm*


0 to 999 seconds

Output contacts

Normally open (N.O.) contactx2

Contact capacity

6A at 24 VDC/6A at 250 VAC

Allowable temperature

-25°C to +70°C for proximity switch

-10°C to +60°C for transducer

Power source

24 VDC ±5%, 20 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

IP rating for protective  structure

IP67 for proximity switch,

IP20 for transducer


  • Screw feeders

For early detection of mechanical loss

  • Bucket conveyors

For detection of chain break

  • Industrial mixers

For verification of the number of revolutions

  • Transfer conveyors

For verification of actual conveyors speeds

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