Speed Switch


This is space-serving type motion sensor which consistsof a transducer to be mounted in the panel and a separated proximity switch to be mounted at the place where detection is conducted. It is possible to conduct speed control in the control room apart from the place where detection is conducted and to conduct collectively a integrated control by mounting side by side transducers from each place where detection is conducted.

  • With the built-in digital switch, the actuating speed is adjustable at site
  • Not affected by vibrations of machines, since the distance between the sensor and the sensing piece is allowed up to 18mm
  • Simple control circuit, as the starting compensation timer is built in
  • Free power source does not cause a mistake in connection to 100V or 200V
  • Compact, light weight and high performance series
  • IP67 protection allows the use in bad environment
  • Aluminium  housing and strong against corrosion







Actual detection starts after detecting 2 pulses

Detection time = (60sec/rpm) x 2 pulses/number of detection blade

Detecting  accuracy


Sensing piece

Magnetic substance t1x40x40mm

Detecting distance

18mm or below



Output contact

1C contact

Contact capacity

250V AC2A

Allowable temperature

(Proximity switch) -25~+70°C  (Transducer) -10~+55°C

Power source

AC80~135V, 160~230V   50/60Hz


(Proximity switch) IP67   (Transducer) IP40


Munsell N1.5


  • Detection of shaft speed of machinery

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