Pull Cord Switch


"PULLSTOP" is the switch to stop the long transportation line such as convey by puling the wire rope. It can also detect loosening and breakage of the wire rope.
The Detector has the emergency stop push button as standard and can easily stop the mechanikal equipment without pulling the wire rope.
"PULLSTOP" is complied with European Norm, ISO Standards and JIS Safety Standaeds.


  • High Reliability in compliance with European and International Safety Standard.
  • Operational even in adverse enviorments.
  • Meets Diverse Safety requirement.




IP 67

Operating force

98N (with the tension spring)

Allowing Temperature

-20 °C to 50 °C


Approx 2.2 kh

Contact Capacity

AC-15: 120 V/6A, 240V/ 3A, 380V/ 1.9A

Number of contacts

DPDT X 2 Contacts

Coating Color

Munsell 7.5GY 6/10


  • This Rope Trip Detector can be installed directly in an upper position on a conveyor.

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