Magnetic Type Speed Relay


The speed relay is a magnetic type motion sensor specifically designed  to detect the speed of a rotating shaft in machinary.

If an overload causes a shaft speed to decrease abnormally, or to increase dangerously, the Speed Relay will immediately output an alarm signal to prevent problems.

  • No power supply is required

The speed relay is actuated when the setting speed is mechanically detected

  • No maintainance is required

The speed relay can be operated continously over a long period without lubrication or inspection

  • Superior durability is secured by its rigid structure

More then 45,000 installation show that the speed relay is high-quality and field-proven

Contact capacity

AC250V   5A      Resistance load

DC125V   0.5A   Resistance load

Ambient temperature


Protection class

IP55 (flange type IP40)

Coating color

Munsell 7.5 GY 6/10




New JIS Key


  • Monitoring speed of belt conveyors, cranes, crushers etc

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