Chute Switch


Chute Switch is a safety switch vital to belt conveyors. It is used in order to stop  a belt conveyor instantly when a transported load clogs  a junction chute of the conveyor. This switch is so constructed that it should be mounted on the side wall of the junction chute by use of a square hole cut out in the wall. When the load clogs the junction , the swing plate of the chute  switch is pushed back with the pressure of accumulated load and then alarm signal to stop the belt conveyor is send.

  • On detecting clogging in belt chute, instant stopping of belt
  • Not influenced by adhesion or dust
  • Applicable under bad environment such as high temperature etc.
  • Adjustable detecting force






Dust Proof

Exia II c

Equivalent to Intinsic Safety Exia II c

Detecting Force

9.8N~14.7N at tip of detecting plate


NO contact, NC contact

EB3C type Relay Barrier output


Contact Capacity: 250V AC 5A (Inductive load)

Relay Barrier Output: 250V AC 5A (Resistance load)

Coating Color

Munsell: 7.5 GY 6/10


11 Kg

Reset Action



  • Jamming Detection in Belt conveyor chutes/hoppers

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