Belt Sway Switch


Belt Sway Switch is a protective switch for detecting the sway or deviation of the belt conveyors and sends out an alarm signal and an emergency stop signal. This switch is used in material transport system for belt breakage prevention and ore-falling prevention due to belt sway.

  • High Reliability in compliance with European and International Safety Standard
  • Operational even in adverse enviorments
  • Meets Diverse Safety requirement
  • Self Reset
  • Also available in Flameproof (ELAM-10) and Dust ignition proof (ELADP-22) models





Operating force

3.4 - 5.4 N.m

Allowing Temperature

-20 °C to 60 °C


Approx 2.9 kg

Contact Capacity

15A-125, 250VAC 1/2A - 125V DC

Coating Color

Munsell 7.5GY 6/10


Widely used in iron and steel, cement and chemical plants, thermal power plants etc, since it is essential  for safety operationof belt conveyors.

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