Temperature sensors at Different stages of Cement Process

Temperature is a crucial process parameter in the manufacturing of cement. The correct monitoring of temperature at various stages of the process - Kiln Motor-bearing, Conditioning tower, Flue discharge, Preheater cyclones, Smoke-box and fuel storage determine the quality of clinker and the final product. Also, they help to detect at an early stage any overheating which may lead to malfunctions. Since the cement manufacturing process involves corrosive and harsh environments, the sensors employed should have strong resistance to adverse process phenomenon. TIPL temperature sensors are tested to comply with heavy vibrations, rapidly changing temperatures, abrasive discharges and corrosive gases to ensure the plant operator does not have to worry about maintenance !

The various type of temperature sensors for different application in the cement manufacturing process are listed below for reference. 


Motor­bearing sensor

Installed near the bearing greasers and resistant to vibrations to check the temperature of the bearing reliably and instantaneously. It can detect at an early stage any overheating which may lead to malfunctions.

Sensing element: Pt100 / Measurement withstand: up to 200 °C

Preheater cyclone sensor

Monitoring temperature in cyclones plays a crucial role by controling and prevention of any obstructions due to clogging of the fines. Installed upstream and downstream (discharge chute) of each cyclone, this sensor measures the bas and material temperatures. For the lower levels, the sensor is equipped with anti­abrasion protection. This rugged sensor withstands severe mechanical shocks.

Upper levels:
Sensing element: K thermocouple
Measurement withstand: up to 700 °C

Lower levels:
Sensing element: K thermocouple with anti­abrasion protection
Measurement withstand: up to 1,000 °C

Conditioning tower sensor

The monitoring of the temperature of the gases is very crucial. The TIPL temperature sensors are rugged and compact in design­ making them highly resistant to shocks and vibrations. The sensing element is protected by a stainless­steel sheath capable of withstanding corrosive gases.

Sensing element: Pt100 / Measurement withstand: up to 450 °C

Flue sensor

The temperature of flue gases in the discharge chimneys is another crucial parameter which ensures the correct operation of the installation and environmentally­ friendly production.

Sensing element: Pt100 / Measurement withstand: up to 350 °C

Smoke­box sensor

The temperature of the hot gases recovered from the rotary kiln and from the preheater tower needs to be monitord continuously. The sensor mounted should be capable of withstanding high temperatures and high concentrations of clinker dust.

Sensing element: S thermocouple with high­temperature protection / Measurement withstand: up to 1,300 °C

Thermowell sensor for fuel storage

The TIPL temperature sensors, qualified with ATEX / IECEx.
Immersed in the liquid fuel, this thermowell sensor is equipped with an interchangeable sensing element which avoids any loss of tightness on the installation and prevents shutdown and/or draining of the process.

Sensing element: Pt100 / Measurement range: ambient temperature

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