Busbar Temperature Monitoring

Nearly, In every factory, shopping mall, airport, office complex and electrical room providing power distribution throughout the facility. The power distribution system usually includes high voltage metal-clad switchgear, transformers, low voltage switchgear and panel-boards. A fault or failure in anyone of these components can result in power outages, loss of productivity, and evenfire or explosions. Overload, phase imbalance, power factor, corrosion and poorelectrical connections all result in the generation of heat. Any generation of heat isan indication of loss of energy and wasted power. Heat also contributes to ashortening of the life of the equipment by up to 85%.These conditions can result from a fault.


Application Issues

Since the panel is locked we cannot see the temperature of busbar from outside . For measuring the temp. either we have to make a window in the door of panel and have to sealed the same by some glass which is practically very difficult or Installed the sensor inside the panel and take the wires out for temperature display.

Due to high voltage inside we cannot take temperature by opening the panel .

Our Recommended Products

  • Raytek MI3
  • DataTemp Multidrop software
  • Digital Communications Box
  • Adjustable bracket
  • Power Supply


  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Productivity
  • Continuous Monitoring


Continuous monitoring of the busbar within a switchgear cabinet can provide both instantaneous alarms for fault conditions and trend analysis for predictive maintenance.

A trend detected during continuous monitoring will allow for maintenance of the equipment at your choosing to minimize downtime. The most effective solution to busbar temperature monitoring is the use of infrared point sensors. Infrared sensors provide safe noncontact measurement of real-time busbar temperatures. The Raytek MI3 is ideally suited for this monitoring function. The 10:1 optical resolution allows the sensor to be safely mounted within the cabinet at a distance from the busbar to avoid flashover to the sensor and electrical magnetic interference (EMI). The sensor head and mounting bracket do not require any special insulating material for mounting to the equipment structure. Output signals are typically fed into a PLC or distributed computer control system for alarming and trending. The most typical applications for high voltage switchgear busbar monitoring using infrared sensors use six sensors, one for each phase, input and output.


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